30 CM Ruler

About Product

  • The set includes 1 piece 12-inch (300 mm) ruler and 1 piece 6-inch (150mm) ruler
  • The Equilibrium scale is perfect for Architects, Architectural Technologists, Engineers, Draftspersons, Students, Arborists, Architectural Glass and metal Technicians, Brick and stone Masons, Cabinetmakers, Carpenters, Drywall Finishers, Electricians, HVAC Professionals, Landscapers, Metal Fabricators, Millworkers, Plumbers, Pool & Hot Tub Installers, Reinforcing Rodworkers, Roofers, Sprinkler & Fire Protection Installers & many more professions.
  • EASY TO READ – Clear black graduations stand out against the matte Stainless steel finish and feature custom architectural lettering.
  • This ruler is sturdy and handy for long-lasting use.



Brand – Sivika

Manufacturer – Sivika International