Brass Handle Pin Vise

About Product

  • Great for holding solder wire during stick soldering, drilling very small holes with twist drill bits, and using as a screwdriver. Ideal for holding drills, burs, and other small tools as well as securing wire for twisting, wrapping, and shaping it.
  • This small pin vise features a knurled handle to prevent from it rolling across your work surface. Loosen the head, insert the tool shank into the collet, then re-tighten to secure it in place.
  • Can hold a variety of tools like needles, broken saw blades, twist drills, solder wires, etc. Very useful for wire wrapping projects and beaded jeweler designs.
  • Best suited for jewelry makers, watchmakers, hobby crafters, beaders, etc. Can be used in a variety of fields for intricate work.


Brand – Sivika

Manufacturer – Sivika International