Manual Vernier Caliper

About Product

  • The whole adopts thick stainless steel, shockproof anti-backlash control with a heavy-duty spring for accuracy, a Depth-measurement blade, precise internal and external measuring jaws, polished stainless jaws for smooth sliding; smart design to prevent burrs and sharp edges
  • This series features a 0 –6 inch range, Measuring face hardened, precision ground and micro-lapped for absolute accuracy, Fine-adjust screw ensures accurate measurements and the locking screw secures the measurement tightly in place for accurate reading
  • The corceptive Dial Caliper provides precise measurement of outside dimensions (OD) inside dimensions (ID), depth, depth, and steps. Use for metalworking, woodworking, automotive, machining applications, and DIY handmade, home use
  • When measuring, the fastening screws should be loosened first, and the cursor should not be moved too hard. The contact between the two measuring claws and the object to be measured should not be too tight, and the clamped object cannot be moved in the measuring claw
  • Stainless steel material and no battery needed. An ideal tool for lifetime use




Brand – Sivika

Manufacturer – Sivika International