pring Caliper Flat Leg Divider

About Product

  • 1 pcs High Quality Professional Measuring Compass Divider For Math, Geometry, Art, Drafting And Drawing, Also used as a angle measuring tool for jewelry making.
  • Needle points are used as a divider. Drawing smoothly center wheel adjustment. Measure External & Internal Dimensions & Measure The Distance Between Points.
  • This Spring Caliper has a strong but flexible bow spring, which gives a smooth and precise action. Necessary tool for craftsmen, architects, carpenters, etc.
  • All Metal, Made of superior stainless steel, which is solid and of high strength. Lifelong Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Commonly used in leathercraft, woodworking, metalwork, engineering, decorating, or craftsman, architect, carpenters, etc.




Brand – Sivika

Manufacturer – Sivika International